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That alsawwary company for chemical  industries consider one of the Iraq ministry for industry and minerals forms , it is one of the biggest companies in Iraq that have been institute in 1994 , the company manufactured different kinds of products like boat , different fiber glass tanks , other fiber glass product , rock wool products , inks ,  different kinds of colors concentrate in addition to other chemical product which considers as raw material that used in many industries and the company consist of many specialized factory in many specialty like Aljihad plant which produce all kinds of industrial resin which consider a raw material in  manufacturing  the molding , casting and manufacture of dye and glue . Rock Wool plant specialized in producing all  kinds of wool which is used in thermal and sound isolation for all equipment and tools like heat exchanger , pipes , steam boiler , cooling , storages , cooling and heating system , ovens , walls , and selling of the building and closed salons , That Alsawwary plant which produces boots , tanks , containers according to order and fans of cooling towers , cubic plant and spare part of cars and some machines .Inks plant which produce printing inks and secrin inks , all kinds of inks , color concentrating and other paint , and produce 65 different kinds of inks in addition to other organic solvents .

All the products of the company sells to the public and privade sector which competitive prices and the company ready to manufacture  to the others and present the technical experience in its specialization field , also have the ability to  manufacture anew products according to the beneficiary order sides , the company is ready to export its product out side the country .